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Founded by administrators and teachers for administrators and teachers

Inspired Instruction has been known as a “go-to” professional development provider for over 12 years because of our success in developing effective partnerships with the schools we serve.

Our Story

We were founded by administrators and teachers for administrators and teachers.

We are lifelong learners with a passion for professional growth, always uncovering and sharing the latest research and best practices with educators everywhere. We’ve made it our mission to improve student performance through excellence in teaching and high-quality leadership.

We are a unique collaborative team of experts who are outcome-driven, offering personalized services for your school—professional development, your way!

We are constructivists focused on helping educators implement best practices. Our highly qualified educational leaders, many with doctoral degrees, hold expertise in a wide range of content areas and roles. This variety of experiences allows us to pair your schools with the best possible consultants to address your specific needs, a very important part of our model.

People who are making us proud

Our Team

Meet some of our most experienced team members.

Michele Regan

ELA, special education, early childhood education, and coaching.

Jaclyn Siano

ELA, IR&S, and curriculum development.

Odette Falone

ELA, SEL, curriculum development, and content creation.

Megan Conley

ELA, improved instruction, curriculum, and coaching.

Cristina Zawacki

ELA, science, curriculum, and coaching.

Misty Awan

Special Education, SEL, and English Language Arts.

Rozanna Barqawi

Secondary education, ESL, and improved instruction.

Jaclyn Bremer

English Language Arts, Special Education, and SEL.

Elizabeth Cassidy

Elementary education, coaching, and administration.

Libby Curran

Elementary education, improved instruction, and special education.

Lisa Denninger

Elementary education, math, and coaching.

Danielle Duncan

Elementary education, ELA, humanities, and coaching.

Celia Duran

Special education and educational leadership

Donna Fondacaro

SEL, Culture and Climate, and Administration.

Debra Hancock

Math, improved instruction, and coaching.

Liz Hermoso

Science, STEM, Early Childhood Education, curriculum, and coaching.

Michele Johnsen

Elementary education, ELA, and coaching.

Bernadette Marques-Pinto

Elementary education, science, STEM, and coaching.

Rabia Nawaz

Science, culture and climate, curriculum development, and coaching.

Eleni Ntelekos

ELA, elementary education, ESL, and coaching.

Dhara Patel

Elementary education, special education, ELA, and coaching.

Deborah Richardson

Mathematics, science, and coaching.

Taheeda Street-Conaway

Mathematics, data-driven instruction, and coaching.

Janice Tufaro

English Language Arts, Special Education, and SEL.

Jenie Vargas

ELA, special education, English Language Learners, and coaching.

Rosetta Wilson

Administration and leadership, culture and climate, and SEL.

Laura Zamrok

SEL, English Language Arts and Administration

Here's Why People Call Us Year After Year!

Teaching is hard!

We know this because we are teachers...and administrators, guidance counselors, and specialists too. We are also life-long learners, uncovering and sharing the newest research and best practices with anyone who will listen!

A teacher thinking and holding a pamphlet
A teacher smiling in a classroom

Twenty-first century education is critical for the future of our nation!

We know this because we are community stake-holders. We live in the communities we serve -- many of us sending our children to the local school districts. We see the effects of inequities and are committed to using our skills to level the playing field.

We are different!

We are a unique collaborative team of experts who are outcome-driven, offering personalized services for your school….professional development your way! We are not a huge publishing company selling a product, nor are we a one-man show with limited resources. We are constructivists focused on helping teachers implement best practices.

An administrator addressing teachers

Discuss Your Needs With Our Team

All of our content and instructional practices are standards-aligned, based on comprehensive research, and support the high standards of evidence-based frameworks such as Danielson and Marzano. We are committed to addressing the gap that exists in education between the one-size-fits-all approach and individual student achievement.

What’s new in education these days?

Get Inspired by the best practices and new insights in our blog!
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What Our Clients Say

5-star review

Inspired Instruction made the curriculum revision process for us virtually effortless.  I can always count on the quality they deliver!

Sylvia Gonzalez,

Supervisor of Elementary Education, Fairview Public Schools

5-star review

Working with the Inspired Instruction team has been professional, a pleasure and their professional learning opportunities engage all participants in a hands-on, meaningful manner. I highly recommend Inspired Instruction every opportunity I have to my colleagues and network, and truly look forward to collaborating with them continuously.

Janine Tubiolo,

Principal, The Bronx School for Continuous Learners

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