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Inspired Instruction

Inspired Instruction provides the highest quality K-12 professional development training and onsite support services. Our approach is comprehensive, ongoing, and job-embedded.

Educators receive a login to their own Personal PD Portal™ that captures all of their professional development needs and growth in one convenient place. The process begins with a simple survey that identifies each educator's needs in relationship to the most pertinent K-12 topics. As educators experience workshops and trainings, the system will capture the experiences and display their growth, hours, and workshop certificates throughout the year.

After participating in onsite workshops, instructors receive Check-Ups™: ten weeks of lesson plans, activities, assessments, instructional materials, links to videos, and additional resources. Check-Ups™ ensure the participant's mastery of workshop concepts and facilitate classroom application. Instructors can track their Check-Ups™ progress in Personal PD Portal™.

Districts can also select workshop videos as another avenue to provide professional development training. Workshops are constructed as six 30-minute video modules that can be used by individual instructors, and used as a blended learning experience during PLC, Faculty, and Grade/Department meetings. Each video module provides resources and ideas that can be used directly in the classroom.


Personal PD Portal
Captures all of your PD needs and growth in one convenient place
Professional Development Workshops
100 constructivist workshops in seven essential areas
Check-Ups™: Job-Embedded Resources
Receive ten weeks of Check-Ups™, including lesson plans, videos, parent resources, and connect with a content expert
Professional Development Video Modules
Workshops presented in 30-minute segments