Bernadette Marques-Pinto

Elementary education, science, STEM, and coaching.

Elementary Education

Science/Social Studies

College and Career Readiness Skills


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Bernadette Pinto is an educational consultant who works with administrators and teachers to provide coaching and support in targeted areas, develop the use of research based practices, and accelerate student performance in both the traditional and charter setting. 

Bernadette believes that successful educators are lifelong learners that cultivate community and communication while being open and adaptive to change. 

Bernadette has degrees in School Administration Education, Bilingual Education, and specialized in Early Childhood practices along with developing student based intervention plans.  She is highly experienced in analyzing school and district data that includes strategies for using data for greater development and developing lesson plans that meet student needs and are engaging. 

When she is not consulting, Bernadette can be found on the beach in South Jersey, traveling with her family, or playing with her puppy, Jameson.