Job Embedded Support

With our extensive collection of research-based workshops, coaching and in-class support, and demonstration lessons, we can tailor solutions to your district’s unique needs and help achieve substantive and lasting results.

Virtual Collaborative Support

virtual collaborative support

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Let us help you build your PLC muscles, increasing your capacity for effective use of your time and resources.  For a really efficient approach, check out our cost-effective virtual PLC meetings.   Our expert coaches will partner with your staff and guide the process so that you achieve results.  Areas of focus and support include:

  • Data analysis
  • Student product review
  • Implementation of strategies learned in PD
  • Troubleshooting obstacles
  • Problem-solving for specific groups of students

Customize any way you like! For example, you may choose to have grade 3 teachers focus on writing while grade 6 teachers focus on social-emotional learning.

one-on-one coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Do you have a few teachers who could really use more customized support? Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert “on call”?  Then, the convenience of virtual coaching is the perfect fit and can be scheduled to fit your needs.

Our experts will help increase these teachers’ competence and confidence! Teachers will address their goals through virtual one-on-one coaching. Teachers will have a safe place to share their concerns, engage in troubleshooting, and receive actionable feedback.  Most importantly, teachers will partner with our coach to measure progress-both their students and their own.

In-Person Support

Coaching Model

Our experts can work directly with your teachers or coaches (using a “train the trainer” model) to increase student achievement and improve teacher practice.  Our coaching model can include any of the following, depending on your school’s/district’s priorities and needs:

Supporting District Initiatives

Facilitating roll-out of a new initiatives

Troubleshooting implementation

Providing resources to support initiatives


Unpacking the Standards

Using data to inform lesson planning

Developing comprehensive lesson plans

Creating Standards-based stations and centers

Designing flexible small groups

Supporting District  Initiatives

Creating a student-centered environment

Implementing effective assessment practices

Embedding strategies and scaffolds

Increasing critical thinking and questioning strategies

Our coaching model cycle can include a combination of activities, including:

Inspired instruction all round support

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