Misty Awan

Special Education, SEL, and English Language Arts.

Special Education/Special Populations

English Language Arts

Social Emotional Learning, Wellness and Mental Health

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Misty is an educational consultant who works with administrators, school leaders, and teachers to dig deep into their education philosophies and bring them to life. She does this through coaching, observations, feedback, modeling, co-teaching, debriefing and, most importantly, through collaboration. 

Misty believes that collaboration is key to success, and is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning community. 

Misty has been in education for 17 years. She has degrees in teaching Spanish K-12 and Administration and Supervision. She is highly experienced in coaching teachers and administrators, collecting and analyzing data, and supporting stakeholders on deciphering the data and next steps, MTSS, SEL, co-teaching, compliance, UDL, differentiation, student-led instruction and inquiry based instruction. 

When she is not consulting, Misty enjoys reading, cooking and playing with her toddler, and traveling! 

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