Liz Hermoso

Science, STEM, Early Childhood Education, curriculum, and coaching.

Science/Social Studies

Special Education/Special Populations


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Liz Hermoso is an educational consultant who works with teachers of all grade bands and subjects to provide support, encourage the use of best practices, and enhance effective education.

Liz understands that we as educators are preparing our students for a lifetime of critical thinking, problem solving, career, citizenship, and continuous learning.

Liz’s first students were the animals she trained as a zookeeper, before opting to teach humans as a science educator. She has a strong interest in the development of learning and cognition throughout childhood and adolescence, and a strong history of crafting and implementing engaging, differentiated, student-centered lessons. 

When she is not consulting, Liz can be found hiking with her husband and two children, volunteering with her kids’ school, leading the Girl Scouts in a fun adventure, or getting some quality quiet time with her pets and her garden.

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