Lisa Denninger

Elementary education, math, and coaching.

Elementary Education



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Lisa Denninger is an educational consultant who works with administrators, teachers, and students to provide coaching, demonstration lessons, and best practices along with realtime support and feedback. 

Lisa has a strong passion for teaching and learning. She strives to educate other teachers on how to develop optimal learning environments, utilize 21st century learning, and plan lessons that are standards-based yet fun and engaging to promote lifelong learning.

Lisa has a degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood.  She has also obtained a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. Lisa uses data, teacher collaboration, and a backwards planning design to drive instruction and maximize student potential.  Lisa also infuses Social Emotional Learning into her academic practices to build emotional intelligence and increase student development.

When she is not consulting, Lisa enjoys staying healthy and active with her three boys.  If she is not running, biking, or playing in the backyard, she can be found meditating or cooking up something delicious in the kitchen. 

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