Jessica Pingitore

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Jessica Pingitore is an educational consultant who works with administrators and teachers to provide coaching and support in targeted areas such as successfully implementing differentiated instruction, NJSLA preparation, developing the use of best practices, and accelerating student performance in the classroom.

Jessica believes that one never stops learning. She believes that as educators, we continue to learn, grow, and improve our practice not only to better ourselves but to also meet the needs of our students and the ever changing world around us.

Jessica has degrees in English, Secondary Education, and Educational Administration and Supervision. She is highly experienced in writing curriculum and various instructional methods such as  differentiated instruction, use of technological tools, and creating engaging student centered lessons and activities.

When she is not consulting, Jessica teaches at a local community college where she lives. She can also be found living the salt life on her boat or at the beach with her family, enjoying the saltwater, ocean breeze and sand between her toes.

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