Odette Falone

ELA, SEL, curriculum development, and content creation.

English Language Arts

Social Emotional Learning

Improved Instruction



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Odette Falone is an educational consultant who works with administrators and teachers to provide coaching and support in targeted areas, develop the use of best practices, and accelerate student performance.  She also serves as Inspired Instruction’s content specialist, working to develop high-quality workshops and resources to support teachers.

Odette believes that successful educators thrive with a mindset of lifelong learning, and she is committed to the cultivation of this characteristic within our students.  

Odette has degrees in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Spanish.  She is highly experienced in writing curriculum, analyzing data and effectively utilizing it to drive instruction, as well as creating and implementing engaging, differentiated and student centered lessons.

When she is not consulting or developing content, Odette can be found hiking in the woods with her two young sons, practicing her photography skills, or working on perfecting her wood-fired pizza recipe.