Libby Curran

Elementary education, improved instruction, and special education.

Improved Instruction

Special Education/Special Populations

Elementary Education

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Libby is an educational consultant who works with administrators, coaches and teachers to create a reflective, collaborative and supportive environment. She believes a growth mindset is the most important asset an educator can have.

Libby believes that every student and teacher can succeed. She wants to help hold a high bar because she knows people can rise to it. Empathy and consistency are key pillars that directly impact growth. Libby loves to dive into mistakes and problems and use them as opportunities for learning.

Libby has previously worked as a teacher, coach and Vice Principal in a New York City Charter School network for 13 years. She primarily worked with Grades K-5 in all subject areas. The instructional cycle of collaborative data analysis, lesson planning and coaching, is where Libby best spreads her expertise.

When she is not consulting, Libby can be found near the coast with her husband and baby girl. She finds living by the beach and walking the boardwalk refreshing and special.

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