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About Inspired Instruction

What is Inspired Instruction?

We are a unique collaborative team of highly qualified educational leaders who are outcome-driven, offering personalized services for your school—professional development, your way! We’ve made it our mission to improve student performance through excellence in teaching and high-quality leadership.

What kinds of services do you offer?

We can offer any of the following services individually or combined as a customized package:

  • Professional Development Workshops (on-site, virtual, or asynchronous)
  • Coaching
  • Curriculum services (writing, revising, or auditing)
  • PLC Facilitation
  • Student Product Review
  • Access to our resource library of quality, standards-aligned resources
Do you have consultants that specialize in all areas of instruction, including special areas?

Yes! Our highly qualified educational leaders, many with doctoral degrees, hold expertise in a wide range of content areas and roles. This variety of experiences allows us to pair your schools with the best possible consultants to address your specific needs, a very important part of our model.

What are your most requested areas of support?

Every district has different needs, but we have provided a great deal of support to schools in the areas of SEL, Differentiated Instruction, Classroom Management, and Standardized Assessment Preparations.

Professional Development, Your Way

My school needs support in a specific area that I don’t see listed in your catalog.  Can you help us?

Yes! Our team of experts can customize and create workshops based on your needs. Schedule a call, and let’s make a plan!

We’d like to offer professional development to staff in different buildings at the same time.  Can Inspired Instruction support my teachers remotely?

Yes! All of our offerings can be delivered virtually. Our coaching services can be performed virtually and any workshop found in our catalog is available virtually, as well! All virtual supports are interactive, teacher-focused, and centered around collaboration.

Can you provide asynchronous support?

Yes! All of our professional development workshops can be delivered asynchronously. Educators can watch a recording of a workshop, and complete the activities on their own schedule.

What does coaching look like?

Our Collaborative Coaching Model provides you with the flexibility to create a plan as unique as your school’s individual needs.  Our coaching model can include any of the following:

  • Supporting District Initiatives
  1. PLC Facilitation to roll-out of new initiatives
  2. Troubleshooting implementation
  3. Providing resources to support initiatives
  • Planning
  1. Unpacking the standards
  2. Using data to inform lesson planning
  3. Developing comprehensive lesson plans
  4. Creating standards-based centers
  5. Designing flexible small groups
  • In-class visits
  1. Providing targeted and actionable feedback
  2. Demonstration, or co-teaching, lessons
My district needs to update several areas of its curriculum.  How can you help?

We know that quality instruction begins with an inspired curriculum! Whether your district needs to audit, assess, revise, or completely construct a new standards-aligned curriculum to include all requirements, our team of experts can provide you with the support you need.

Complementing Existing Resources

We already do some of our own in-house professional development.  How can we work together?

We offer “Train the Trainer” workshops in which we can work with your in-house team to develop a plan to turnkey information to a larger group.

My textbook provider already provides us with free professional development.  What makes Inspired Instruction different?

Unlike textbook providers, our professional development workshops and coaching do not speak to specific resources. Instead, we provide educators with the most up-to-date research-based practices and strategies that can be applied to any curriculum.

Packages and Payment

How do most districts pay for your services?

Districts gain funding for our professional development services through a variety of means including Title I, Title II, and ESSER funds, and internal budgeted funds.

What’s included in a full day of services?

A professional development day includes whatever you choose: workshops, coaching, curriculum work, or a combination. For example, a full day of workshops would include two sessions (each session running 2.5-3 hours) with a lunch break in between. A full day of coaching could include classroom visits, demo lessons, and/or co-planning for approximately 6 teachers.

What kinds of packages do you offer?

Packages may include a mix of services including workshops, demonstration lessons, in-class support/coaching, student product review, and/or curriculum work.

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