Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions answered.

Distance Learning

What are our options for professional development if schools do not open buildings?

We deliver professional development remotely, in-person, or in a hybrid format for workshops, coaching, and curriculum work. Many of our schools have benefited from virtual professional development.

What are some of the benefits of virtual coaching?

Our clients find that virtual coaching offers teachers the ability to target solutions and troubleshoot issues on their own schedules.Our coaching is always customized to your staff’s individualized needs.

How do virtual workshops and coaching work?

Virtual professional development can be offered synchronously or asynchronously, depending on your specific needs. You will be sent all of the necessary links to the training, coaching and/or shared documents to make the virtual PD as simple as possible. Both types utilize our constructivist model and allow for interaction and application of learned concepts.

Are all of your workshops in your catalog available virtually? If so, what has been the most effective virtual professional development according to your clients?

Yes, all of our offerings can be delivered virtually. The workshops have been modified to ensure that they are interactive and teacher-focused. Our clients have found that small groups of 15-20 participants make for the most effective virtual professional development, as collaboration and interaction have been the centerpiece of these sessions. The opportunity for ongoing follow up through virtual coaching has also been reported as the key to a successful experience.

Packages and Pricing

How many people can attend a workshop session?

We cap each workshop at 40 participants so that everyone can benefit from our hands-on, constructivist model. If you prefer a virtual session, we are creating groups of 20 participants or fewer in order to ensure that the workshop remains interactive and collaborative.

What is included in a day?

A professional development day is whatever you choose: workshops, coaching, curriculum work, or a combination. For example, a full day of workshops would include two sessions (2.5-3 hours each) with a lunch break in between. A full day of coaching would include classroom visits, demo lessons, and/or co-planning for approximately 6 individual teacher sessions.

How many hours constitute a full day? How many hours is a half day?

A full day is your full seven hour school day; we just ask that our consultant gets an appropriate break for lunch. A half day is 3.5 hours.

How much does a professional development day cost?

We charge a flat rate of $2350 for a full day, and $1400 for a half day. However, we offer package rates for booking 10 days or more! We can help you reach your goals by discussing possibilities for funding sources.

What kinds of packages do you offer?

Packages may include a mix of services including workshops, demonstration lessons, in-class support/coaching, student product review and/or curriculum work. For example, a 40 day package includes 40 days of customized professional development plus many free bonus items (over a $22,000 value) like administrative workshops, assessments with one of Inspired Instructor’s directors, and NJSLA materials for ELA and math.

Complementing Existing Resources

We already do some of our own in-house professional development. How can we work together?

In order to support schools, we offer “Train the Trainer” workshops where we work with your in-house team to develop a plan to turnkey information to the larger staff.

My textbook provider already provides us with free professional development. What makes Inspired Instruction different?

Unlike textbook providers, our professional development workshops and coaching do not speak to specific resources. Instead, we provide educators with research-based best practices and strategies that can be applied to any curriculum.

Delivering Value

What if an administrator cannot attend the PD sessions?

We realize that administrators are busy and are often pulled away during the day. Planning before the sessions and a follow-up the day after the PD with our directors will help ensure that you can effectively support your staff as they work to implement what they’ve learned.

How can I ensure that professional development is successful?

We encourage administrators to be an active part of the PD, and provide specific next steps for follow up in our Success Report. Also, you have direct access to our directors who will help you customize the professional development based on your school’s specific needs.

How can professional development workshops and coaching help my staff?

Workshops are great for front loading information to larger groups and to give them some hands on experience. Coaching sessions are more individualized and allow for focused, job-embedded application. We recommend a combination of workshops and coaching to fully integrate topics into teaching and learning.

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