Summer Programs

Summer is a perfect time to take stock of what's worked this year, and what needs a bit of tweaking. Where are the gaps in our curriculum? What instructional practices do we need to implement more consistently? How can we improve our assessments and ensure they drive instruction?
Most importantly, we need to take a hard look at our students, at the learning loss they may have suffered and at what they need to improve their social emotional well-being. Have we asked them?

Use this survey to gather student feedback on what they need as we move forward.

Revised New Jersey Student Learning Standards

The State of New Jersey has launched new standards for 2021-2022 in multiple subject areas: Visual and Performing Arts, Science, World Languages, Career Readiness, and more.
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NJSLS Familiarity

The revised state standards are different from the ones schools have been utilizing. Let us help your staff unpack the new standards and align their practices with them.

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Curriculum Audit

Ensure your team is ready for September with an audit of your current curriculum. Let us then work with your staff to revise it to incorporate the revised standards and the SEL competencies.

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Let us support your team as you plan for summer.

R.I.D.E. Program

Many schools are forgoing summer reading this year in order to get their students caught up on essential skills and standards. Through our R.I.D.E. (Remediation through Individualized, Data-Driven Education) Summer Program, we are customizing 6-week summer remediation programs, to be done in-person or digitally.

Inspired Writing Challenge

We are excited to announce the Get Inspired Summer Writing Challenge! The challenge is meant to get kids to put pen (or pencil, or crayon, or marker) to paper to capture their wonderings, ideas and feelings.
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Build Writing Skills
Give students the freedom to write without worrying about grades.

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Promote Writing
We provide the prompts. You provide the incentives.

Check out a sample here.