Don’t Let Your Students Fall Behind

The 2021-2022 school year has brought with it some unique challenges for schools and districts. Are you struggling with teacher shortages? Are your teachers providing rigorous, standards-aligned instruction to get students caught up and back on track? Is your team ready to analyze your Start Strong assessment data, and apply it to daily instruction?

Check out our targeted solutions below.

Staffing+ Support Program

Most schools in New Jersey are experiencing shortages of full time substitutes and licensed teachers this year, and many teachers are on leave or absent. Let us help! 

An Inspired Instruction consultant (certified teacher) will cover your class(es) and accelerate learning by providing standards-aligned instruction for your students.

Customizable Options

Let us customize a support program that works for your school. Read about some possible applications here.

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Let us support your team during this school year.

Priority Standards

These standards are identified by the State as areas of focus for the school year to help prioritize the most critical prerequisite skills and knowledge for each subject area and grade level.

Data Analysis

What do we do with the data from the Start Strong Assessment?