Newsletter: November 2019

Newsletter: November 2019

Jaclyn Siano

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For Administrators

Here at Inspired Instruction, we understand the importance and value of staff collaboration in schools. Learn about some of the key benefits of utilizing Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in our blog, “The Principal Benefits of PLCs.”

As educators are becoming more trauma-sensitive, more questions may arise about the effects of trauma on students. Education Week provides some answers to those queries on the pervasiveness of this type of stress  in “Some FAQs for Educators on Children’s Trauma.”

Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities in children. How can we identify the issue and support students who struggle with it? Language Magazine provides some strategies in “Taking the Fear Out of Dyslexia.”

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For Teachers

For some teachers, the idea of using flexible seating may be scary and overwhelming. Julia Cin, an elementary school teacher a guest writer for Education Week, shares her experiences and thoughts on her transition to a flexible seating classroom in “I Tried a Flexible-Seating Classroom. Here’s What I Learned.”

Formative assessment is crucial to student improvement but it can also be extremely helpful for teacher growth. The short video, “Three Ways to Gather Student Feedback,” by Teaching Channel provides some strategies that promote metacognition that can benefit students and their teachers.

At Inspired Instruction, we know that positive communication and rapport between students and their teachers is critical to the success of a classroom. Our resource, Speaking the Same Language, highlights some easy to implement strategies for teaching students how to effectively share complex emotions and offers a download for emotion vocabulary do nows.

School Spotlight

Northfield Public Schools’ teachers were super excited about working with our consultant to  bring more student-centered strategies into their math classes!  Students learned to use Plickers to respond to rigorous math problems, and teachers learned best practices for small group instruction!  Planning engaging activities and adding accountability components were their first steps to success! Check out our Math Small Group Instruction Guide to learn more about effective implementation.  

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Effective Walkthrough Techniques Webinar

Did you miss our November 13th webinar on effective walkthrough techniques? Don’t stress!  Email Michele Regan at and we will send you a link to the recording!

Don’t Miss It!

webinar on creating effective PLC

Our upcoming webinar on effective use of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) will provide best practices for implementing and sustaining PLCs in your school!  Interested in joining us on December 10th? Email Michele Regan at

What’s On Your Mind?

Most of what we do here at Inspired Instruction is based on the needs of our partners. We would love to hear about what topics are important to you.   Email Jaclyn Siano at

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