Newsletter: September 2020

Newsletter: September 2020

Jaclyn Siano

Welcome to the Special Edition of Inspired Instruction’s newsletter. We recognize that it isn’t business as usual for administrators.  So, we’ve designed this newsletter for your instructional leaders….just hit forward!  And be sure to check out our free downloads to make your work easier.

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For Instructional Leaders

While there is a lot of uncertainty this school year, one thing is likely – many of us, students and staff alike, have experienced some kind of trauma.  At Inspired Instruction, we are offering Creating Positive Outcomes through Trauma-Sensitive Practices as a first step to supporting your team and students.

Check out these Mindfulness Moment cards that can be used when kids (or staff) need a break..

Now more than ever, support from instructional leaders will be critical to teachers’ success.  How can they do this virtually? Check out Learning Forward’s 6 Ways Coaches Can Support Teachers During Distance Learning for some great tips.

We’ve also created the perfect tool to help you identify the important “look- fors” in the virtual classroom.

“There are absolutely no words. I am so energized. My hope for the academic progress of my scholars was just reaffirmed and rejuvenated.”                      
 ...Principal, Irvington Public Schools

For Teachers

With the transition to at-home learning, differentiating instruction may have fallen to the wayside as other issues, like learning new technology, have come up. ASCD explains “Why We Need Differentiation Now More Than Ever” and provides some helpful ways to integrate it into virtual learning. Get started with our Differentiated Assessment Planning Template that helps create leveled assessments.

As teachers, we know that keeping kids engaged is hard...enter virtual classrooms!  Edutopia shared some great strategies with their article on the science of motivation to help us tackle the challenge of Keeping Kids Engaged Even from Home.  Then, check out our editable virtual activities that are sure to keep students interested in learning.

School Spotlight -Irvington Public Schools

Irvington Public Schools recently partnered with us to provide a math and ELA Summer Academy.  Four days of virtual PD provided teachers with strategies and resources to assist as they start the school year off with virtual learning.   A huge success, the Principal reported, “I am genuinely appreciative as this is so meaningful and informative. Ms. Vargas "knows her stuff". Let there be no ambiguity about that. What a great way to spend my vacation.”

Maths and ELA resources

Could your staff benefit from virtual PD?  Just email to get started!

More Resources to Support Your Teachers

We know that our teachers (and administrators) need more support than ever as we adapt to this changing environment.

Check out our ten webinar recordings that cover a variety of topics, like Creating Rigorous Activities for All Content Areas during At-Home Learning.

We also have over 100 FREE downloadable lesson plans, activities, and resources that your teachers can implement in their classrooms.

Looking for more customized support for your staff? Email

What’s Next?

We are helping teachers and administrators minimize learning loss and determine the best way to provide differentiated support for students.  As a strategic partner, we work with and alongside administrators to help identify areas to maximize impact.   Contact us for a free Needs Assessment. Email to schedule yours today!

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