Newsletter: October 2019

Newsletter: October 2019

Jaclyn Siano

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For Administrators

ASCD guest bloggers Michele Hill and Valerie Lewis responds to a ubiquitous statement from educators: “Kids today just aren’t the same!”  “Educating the New Age of Kids” responds with specific details about why we need a different approach in the 21st Century.

Time is something that all administrators need more of. Education Week shares the highlights from Daniel Pink’s, author of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, keynote address on “How Schools Can Spend Time More Wisely.”

Here at Inspired Instruction we’ve been busy creating some easy-to-use resources to help you support new teacher mentors.  Learn about the key elements of an effective mentor program, including a downloadable resource that can be used as a self-study as part of a mentor training session, in our blog, What Do Mentoring and Chocolate Have in Common?

Teacher in the classroom using a smart board

For Teachers

Our friends at Teaching Channel share the importance of inclusiveness and connection in the classroom with a case study from one innovative school.  Learn more about how to create a culturally responsive classroom so that every child can learn through Empathy & Community.  

At Inspired Instruction, we understand the importance of positive relationships between teachers and their students, and know the huge impact they can make. Our resource, “Don’t Be A Robot”, highlights some easy to implement strategies for demonstrating care of your students and offers a download for social emotional learning (SEL) exit tickets.

Do you Want Better Readers? Matt Barnum from Chalkbeat discusses author Natalie Wexler’s belief that, although elementary students spend more time reading than practicing any other subject, there is still an achievement gap that can be closed by incorporating more science and social studies.

School Spotlight

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Kudos to the team at Avenel Middle School in their work to support teachers as they implement New Jersey’s Social Emotional Learning Competencies! Teachers took a deep dive into the 5 domains and visualized them in action in their own classrooms.  Next, they chose strategies that matched their students’ needs and planned steps to implement them in the classroom immediately. See below: photos of gallery walk

self management
relationship skills
self awareness

Don’t Miss It!

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Our upcoming webinar on Effective Walkthrough techniques will provide best practices for supporting teacher practices while maximizing your time!  Interested in joining us on Nov. 13th? Email Michele Regan at

What’s On Your Mind?

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