Newsletter: November 2020

Newsletter: November 2020

Jaclyn Siano

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For Administrators

With so many new books, articles and resources to sift through on supporting teacher instructional practices, it's hard to know where to start.  One that we continue to refer to, Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding and Independence for All Learners, has been around for almost 10 years! Now more than ever before, this seems not only a practical support for teachers, but a critical tool for administrators to ensure learning is happening.  One of the authors, Ron Ritchart, shared some suggestions for how to incorporate Thinking Routines into remote learning.  

Want to learn how cognitive routines fit into cultural responsiveness?  Check out Inspired Instruction’s Culturally Responsive Teaching workshop based on Zaretta Hammond’s excellent book!  The focus is not only on connecting learning to the fundamentals of knowledge with which students come to school, but also making sure that the focus is on creating an academic mindset.  We’ve created exit tickets that focus on metacognition, a key group of skills that all students need in order to be successful. 

“The activities and discussion from this workshop has helped me to fully understand how to successfully implement a blended learning classroom which is a part of my professional development plan for this school year.”

            - Teacher, Irvington Public Schools

For Teachers

Being a teacher right now, well, there are lots of words that we can use here (read: extremely stressful).  Instead, let’s just say that being a teacher right now is IMPORTANT!  All children need our teachers to provide stable, consistent opportunities for connection and learning.  The only way that can happen is if our teachers make self-care a priority.  So Inspired Instruction has got your back! We’ve started Wellness Wednesdays where we will feature brief activities, articles, and other tips and tricks that you can use immediately to help take care of YOU!  Get your first dose with our Teacher Wellness Choice Board, and keep coming back!

With the switch to virtual and hybrid teaching, formative assessment remains a critical practice that we must purposefully plan for and regularly engage in.  While there are apps and platforms that we can use to do this, we definitely don’t want to give up good old-fashioned conferencing.  Edutopia’s recent article “How Conferencing for Assessment benefits Students during Distance Learning” points out how this tool allows for a deeper understanding of student learning.  Then, check out our workshops on assessment, including a customer favorite: Assessment and Learning Practicesin the Blended Classroom.

School Spotlight - Discovery Charter School

planning with the 5e instructional model

Discovery Charter School recently completed a multiple workshop series that focused on effective teaching and learning during virtual/blended learning. Over the course of multiple sessions, all staff learned about SEL strategies, rigorous instruction characteristics, and best practice

While engaging in productive collaborative discussions, participants learned about technology tools and applications, as well as activities to incorporate the next day. 

The principal shared, “[The consultant] was the BOMB.COM! We really enjoyed our time with her and look forward to more professional development sessions from Inspired Instruction.”

Could your staff benefit from virtual PD?  Just email to get started! 

Webinar Recording: Strategies for Identifying and Creating Services for Gifted and Talented Students

Did you miss our webinar on November 11th?  Check out the recording where we discussed ways to advocate for our gifted and talented students by reviewing the current legislation, learning best practices, and discussing programming.

Click here to download the recording.

What’s Next?

We are helping teachers and administrators support rigorous teaching and increase student learning.  As a strategic partner, we work with and alongside administrators to help identify areas to maximize impact.   Contact us for a free Needs Assessment. Email to schedule yours today!

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