Newsletter: January 2020

Newsletter: January 2020

Jaclyn Siano

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For Administrators

Some students come to school with a lot of emotional baggage that can make it difficult for them to learn effectively. West Virginia Public Broadcasting explains why it is important for teachers to be trained on trauma in “Teaching Teachers About Trauma Helps Kids Learn.”

To learn more about helping your staff be fully prepared in dealing with trauma, take a look at the workshops we offer on this topic.

In many schools, teachers and administrators deal with students who do not read on level. The International Literacy Association poses the question What should be the focus of instruction for older students with low reading achievement? in their interview with reading education professor, Gay Ivey.

Data analysis can seem daunting but using PLC time to do it with your colleagues can lessen the burden. In Inspired Instruction’s blog, “Improving Student Achievement Through Professional Learning Communities (PLCs),” learn some best practices and strategies. You can also check out the useful resource: 10 Item Common Assessment Analysis Protocol.

social emotional learning

For Teachers

With informational texts playing such a large role in standardized testing, it’s important that your students know how to effectively work with nonfiction. Inspired Instruction’s THIEVES Pre-Reading Worksheet can be adapted for any grade level and is a great way to “prime the pump” before reading!

We know that each individual teacher plays a huge role in a student’s educational experience. But did you know that they also greatly affect a student’s psychological experience too? The Teaching Channel explores this in “How Teacher Mindset Shapes Student Success.”

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be more eco-friendly? Learn about some ways to “go green” in your classroom in Education Week’s blog, “The 'Zero-Waste Classroom': Teachers Share Tips for Going Green.”

School Spotlight

Phillipsburg Middle School teachers have been working with our consultants through our coaching program to focus on math small group instruction. Teachers have engaged in new practices related to the workshop model and differentiated centers. Check out some of the strategies and resources our consultants shared during these coaching sessions.

exit ticket
grade 7 percent solving cards

Interested in these resources? Just email Michele Regan for a copy and directions on how to use them.

Tips and Tricks

Do you have any tips or tricks that you’ve found to be effective for math small group instruction? Email them to Jaclyn Siano and you may be featured in one of our future editions.

Events & Webinars

Did you miss our January 14th webinar on Supporting Positive Behavior Through Mindfulness? Don’t stress!

You can access the recording here.

habits of mind webinar

Webinar Event

Join us to learn how to implement these 16 characteristics for success in school and life, supporting social and emotional development (communicating effectively, self- regulation, listening with empathy) as well as academic skills (persistence, independent thinking, taking academic risks).

Our upcoming webinar, Habits of Mind, will be on February 11th?

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What's Next?

We’d love to discuss how we might help you with your most pressing priorities. Need a place to start? Contact us for a free Needs Assessment to determine the strengths and opportunities of your curriculum, assessment and instructional practices.


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