Reader’s Workshop: A Model of Effective Reading Instruction

Participants will learn how to structure teacher-student conferences, choose and use mentor texts as well as design mini-lessons, to successfully implement the reader’s workshop in their classrooms.

The reader’s workshop model focuses on how readers interact with texts through questioning, making connections, and clarifying. This workshop provides an overview of all of the critical elements of a workshop model, through the lens of the ELA reading standards. With a focus on students as effective readers, teachers will learn how to choose and use mentor texts, design mini-lessons, structure teacher-student conferencing, and create a community that embraces sharing. Management of the workshop model is also discussed, as participants troubleshoot possible obstacles. Participants will engage in interactive activities, view exemplar classrooms, and create their own mini-lessons.

Intended Audience

Curriculum Specialists
Reading Specialists
Instructional Coaches
English/ELA Instructors

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