Pairing Texts Using A Culturally Responsive Lens

Participants will explore how to combine paired texts with culturally responsive teaching to create engaging activities that promote higher-order thinking and a sense of safety and belonging, review seven purposes for pairing texts, and examine lesson plans and activities to enhance instruction through a culturally responsive lens.

When instructors use paired texts, they have the opportunity to expand students’ content knowledge, increase their reading comprehension, and develop their critical thinking skills. Culturally Responsive Teaching uses students' customs and perspectives as tools for better classroom instruction.  In this workshop, we marry paired text and culturally responsive teaching to create activities that are engaging, promote higher-order thinking, and develop a space of safety and belonging for students.  Participants will review the seven purposes for pairing text and explore lesson plans and activities that link with each purpose. After the lesson plans and resources are explored, the audience will consider how they could enhance instruction through pairing texts using a culturally responsive lens.

Intended Audience

Curriculum Specialists
Instructional Coaches
K-12 Instructors

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