Growing Leaders: A Program for New and Emerging School Leaders

Participants will embark on a transformative six-week journey tailored for new school leaders, where live and asynchronous learning modules unlock leadership potential through immersive exploration of effective communication, self-discovery, and actionable goal-setting, guided by expert facilitators to enhance leadership effectiveness and foster positive collaboration within school teams.

Ready to unlock your leadership potential?  The journey starts here.

Designed for administrators embarking on their leadership journey, this flexible six week program propels new school leaders towards excellence.  Harnessing the power of live and asynchronous learning, this program invites administrators on an immersive exploration of effective leadership in the educational realm.  Participants will uncover the secrets of impactful communication as they delve into the depths of their own personal style and its profound influence on collaboration and teamwork.

Through engaging workshop sessions, interactive discussions, and insightful self-reflection exercises, participants will uncover hidden strengths and areas for growth.  Our expert facilitators will guide each cohort on a journey of self-discovery, providing invaluable tools to enhance leadership effectiveness.  Beyond self-awareness, this program will empower participants to translate newfound insights into action.  With our carefully crafted modules, participants will work to create a comprehensive action plan and develop a set of team goals to promote positive collaboration for the year ahead.

Upon completion of this program, you will walk away with: 

  • insights into your own unique leadership and communication styles, and clarity on how that impacts your work with others
  • a personal mission statement that supports trusting teams and aligns with your schools’ vision
  • a deeper understanding of the the skill set and mindset required for  instructional leadership
  • an individualized action plan that will provide you with the tools you will need to address challenging conversations
  • a set of team goals that promote positive collaboration for the year ahead

Intended Audience

Grades K-12 Administrators

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