Formative Assessment to Drive Teaching and Learning

Participants will be able to effectively integrate formative assessment practices into their daily teaching, using tools and strategies learned in the workshop to enhance student learning and refine their instructional methods.

Effective teachers know that formative assessment is as much a tool for reflection on teacher practices as it is a measure of student progress. This interactive workshop will help teachers explore four critical components of formative assessment: clarifying learning, eliciting evidence, providing feedback, and activating learners. These practices will guide teacher decisions on a daily basis as they address the questions: Where is the learner going?  Where is the learner now?  How will the learner get to where they need to go?  Participants will use "Look Fors" to evaluate video vignettes for the effective use of formative assessments to drive teacher practices.  Additionally, they will engage in hands-on activities that can be immediately implemented in their classroom.

Intended Audience

Curriculum Specialists
Grades K-12 Instructors
Instructional Coaches

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