Building Competence and Confidence in Elementary Science Instruction

Participants will be equipped with the skills and content knowledge needed for quality science instruction, including scientific thinking abilities aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, through hands-on activities, ensuring readiness to teach a range of science concepts tailored to their grade level.

This workshop will prepare educators for quality science instruction, both in their content knowledge and understanding of the subject matter as well as in the essential skills students need in order to think as scientists do. Through hands-on activities, educators will learn how the skills and content of science targeted in the Next Generation Science Standards builds in developmentally appropriate ways as the students age, including sensemaking, critiquing, and age-appropriate data literacy. Participants will leave this workshop feeling ready and prepared to teach the Life, Physical, Earth/Space Science, Climate Change, and Engineering standards and concepts tailored to their grade level.

Intended Audience

Grades K-5 Instructors
Instructional Coaches

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