Recognition of Bias and the Self-Reflection Process

On October 14th at 3pm, join fellow educators as we discuss best practices for combating bias in our schools and ourselves.
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We, as educators, can no longer afford to ignore the racism in our society, as it so profoundly affects those who we are charged to educate and nurture. The first steps to making meaningful change and supporting all of our students are recognizing that bias exists, and reflecting on our roles in either contributing to it or working against it.

We hope you can join us for our next webinar to dive into this critically important topic.

Join us to:

  • Identify the beliefs and biases you have
  • Understand that blindspots exist
  • Dig into WHY we believe what we believe
  • Commit to the self-reflection process
  • Create action steps to implement immediately

Get Started with Our Free Resources

Our goal as educators is to work to be anti-racist!  But how do we get started on this journey?  To assist your teachers in creating a reflective practice, start with our Self-Reflection Exercise at your next staff meeting.  

Want to start anti-bias lessons right away?  Check out the hyperdoc we created for elementary students to learn about Why are Some People Treated Differently.  Filled with great videos, readings, and an infographic, students will use this tool to guide their inquiry and learning.   

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Recognition of Bias and the Self-Reflection Process

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