Megan Conley

ELA, improved instruction, curriculum, and coaching.

English Language Arts

Improved Instruction



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Megan Conley is an educational consultant who works with administrators, coaches, and teachers to analyze student data, develop the use of best practices, and provide coaching and support in targeted areas in order to increase student achievement. 

Megan believes the first step in supporting both administrators and teachers is to cultivate trusting relationships. She values each educator’s strengths, experiences and commitment to help students achieve. Megan believes that as educators, we are all life long learners, who continue to learn and grow in order to best support each student we encounter. 

Megan has a B.S. in Elementary Education, a M.S. in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum, and her Principal’s Certification. She has extensive experience as a literacy coach supporting teachers in the science of reading by focusing on explicit, engaging foundational skills instruction. She is highly experienced as a curriculum writer, as well as leading professional learning communities and lesson study, and analyzing student data to drive instruction.

When she is not consulting, Megan can be found at her sons’ baseball and basketball games, walking her dogs, or at the beach relaxing with a good book.