Inés Ellis-Guardiola

Math, English Language Learners, and coaching.


Improved Instruction

Special Education/Special Populations


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Inés Ellis-Guardiola is an educational consultant who works with teachers and administrators to improve math instruction and outcomes for all students, with a specialization in working with Bilingual and ELL populations.

Inés believes strongly in equitable access to education and social justice. When students are given the tools for success and feel seen and respected in their classrooms, they will feel their power in a school setting and thrive. In her work with educators, she strives to weave these beliefs in her practices.

Inés has a Bilingual Elementary degree from Hunter College, a School Building Leader degree from Bank Street and a certificate of Bilingual and ESL Teacher Leadership from Bank Street.  She has supported students and families as a dual-language teacher for over a decade. As a math coach over the past eight years, she has increased student math outcomes through building assessment structures, rolled out new curricula, shifted and revamped math classroom instruction structures to serve diverse student needs across entire schools, and has shared her experience at the NABE and NCTM conferences.

When she is not consulting, Inés can be found in upstate NY, learning how to garden, spending time outdoors with her daughter, and creating a mess in the kitchen by taking on new baking projects.

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