Geneve Dupuy

Math, ELA, special education, and coaching.

English Language Arts


Special Education/Special Populations


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Geneve Dupuy is an educational consultant and assistant director who works with teachers and leaders to employ careful data analysis and consistent implementation of quality practices to unleash the potential in all learners. 

Geneve believes that our traditionally marginalized student populations possess immense potential for educational growth and productive citizenship, and that we as educators can hone our craft by elevating their needs in our work.

In addition to her work at Inspired Instruction, Geneve tutors students from low-income backgrounds in middle school, high school, and college math with the goal of offering them access to college and career opportunities that are out of reach without advanced quantitative skills. 

Geneve has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in Urban Education. She holds certifications in mathematics and special education. When she is not working, Geneve enjoys: baking, camping, watching stand up comedy, and exploring new cities. 

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