Cristina Zawacki

ELA, science, curriculum, and coaching.

English Language Arts

Science/Social Studies



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Cristina Bolusi Zawacki is a director who works with both teachers and administrators to provide support in areas that will help staff implement best practices in a way that is both manageable and effective.

Cristina believes that supporting educators in a way that makes them feel seen and heard, while providing resources needed to succeed, is the best way to help nurture staff, which ultimately fosters growth and success in students as well. 

Cristina holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and is certified in both New York and New Jersey.  She has almost twenty years of experience in effective classroom management, differentiation, data analysis, curriculum writing, Social and Emotional Learning and Mindfulness, and implementing tech and digital learning platforms to engage students for meaningful results.  Her main goal has always been to cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

When she is not consulting, Cristina can be found cooking competition BBQ with her husband and three young children, selling real estate, writing, and doing voice acting work.