In-Person, On-Site Professional Development Workshops

Inspired Instruction offers a host of onsite and professional development to ensure your school district’s success on PARCC/NJSLA. Our education professionals are equipped with the highest quality resources, tools, and training — and are ready to share their insights into successful PARCC/NJSLA preparation.

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Educators and administrators can select from any of our dozens of PARCC/NJSLA professional development workshops, demonstration lessons and in-class support and coaching services. Each is designed to familiarize instructors with the intricacies of PARCC/NJSLA, from how to analyze and interpret results to the best daily practices for PARCC/NJSLA preparation.

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We offer 540 PARCC/NJSLA lesson plans and virtual consultations with our education professionals. Instructors can group their students by grade level and track their progress, assign electronic assignments and assessments, and review past workshop materials all from one streamlined web-based service.

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