First Day of School Icebreaker Activity- High School Human Bingo

Who: This icebreaker activity is appropriate for all classes at the middle school/high school levels.

What: Students use the Human Bingo activity to get to know their teacher and peers.

  1. Distribute one copy of the bingo card and a writing implement to each student.
  2. Set a timer for 7 minutes.
  3. Tell students their goal is to fill in as many boxes as possible in the time allotted.
  4. Students go from peer to peer, introduce themselves, and see which boxes can be completed.
  5. If a student matches a box, the student writes his/her name on the line.

NOTE: Students can only “use” a peer one time (ex: Sam Smith cannot sign for “someone who is involved in sports” AND “someone who speaks 2 languages” on the same person’s card.

Where: This activity can be used in the classroom. Consider moving desks/furniture to the side to allow for movement space.

When: Since this is an icebreaker activity, it is best utilized during the first few days of school.

Why: This activity will help students meet and learn about their peers and their teacher. It sets a tone of positive rapport for the school year.

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